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LOCK-OUT FEE                 $35.00+

RE-KEY LOCKS                 $19.00+

CHANGE LOCKS               $29.00+

KEY EXTRACTIONS          $45.00+

CAR KEYS                        $120.00+


Have you ever locked yourself out of a locker or a storage unit with confidential files in it? Perhaps your boss trusted you with a big task and this is your first time in a management position, it’s your big day. The boss finally trusted you to do something simple and now you feel like such a fool. Here at Our Palatine Lock & Safe, we want you to know that it’s not your fault. Sometimes, things like this can happen and we know how it is when you’re in a rush.

The feeling of fear and panic sets in as you realize you’re now officially locked out of something you have worked hard on. Worse than that, you have somewhere you need to be and you realize that not everyone understands when it comes to locking yourself out of your own vehicle. Especially when it comes to meeting deadlines for bosses at work.

So why should you choose Our Palatine Lock & Safe, you ask? When you need a professional Palatine commercial locksmith, you need someone who is going to fully understand your situation, understand that these things can happen and it’s more than likely not even your own fault. You need a locksmith who understands that you are on a critical time sensitive assignment that requires the attention of an immediate professional. Why should you choose a dealership who will charge you an arm and a leg or some inexperienced so called professional who was hired just out of High School simply because he needed a job.

The last thing most bosses are known for is sympathy, which is why you want a Palatine commercial locksmith that has an urgency of time understanding and can be there to help you on the drop of a dime.

Before you call your dealership or even think about taking your vehicle to a dealership, you should stop and examine the facts for a minute before you cost yourself one wallet and one arm. Dealerships will always charge you top dollar, even if the service is mediocre or non-satisfactory. Dealerships don’t exactly care if you have the service completed that you came in there for but as long as you’re paying top dollar. Here at Our Palatine Lock & Safe, we value all of our customers equally no matter their situation or their financial situation and we try to understand each and every individual customer’s problem.