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LOCK-OUT FEE                 $35.00+

RE-KEY LOCKS                 $19.00+

CHANGE LOCKS               $29.00+

KEY EXTRACTIONS          $45.00+

CAR KEYS                        $120.00+


Your car is a complicated machine. There are so many running parts and different things that make your car run and work, but when it comes down to it all, there’s only one thing that matters. The one thing matters when it comes to a vehicle is being able to get into it and drive it and if you have ever locked yourself out of your car then you know the feeling of feeling embarrassed at ever doing something so dumb.

Palatine Lock & Safe knows the feeling all too well and can unlock any car with ease. If you have ever experienced what is called a lockout or have ever been locked out of something personal of yours such as a RV, house, camper, boat, storage box, car, truck and so forth, then you know that the feeling of being locked out of your own stuff is quite embarrassing and can cause a bit of panic.

Not knowing if you’re going to make it to somewhere you’re supposed to be on time or what people will think if they find out you locked yourself out of your own car can be a frightening thought but you can rest assured when you’re looking for a professional and reliable Palatine car locksmith, Palatine Lock & Safe are on the job!

So there you are, you’re locked out of your own vehicle and you’re feeling embarrassed that something like this could have possibly happened to you. You should never have to feel embarrassed because it happens to almost everyone in their lifetime. We just want you to remember that it’s highly advised to call a professional local locksmith company rather than the dealership because dealerships are infamous for charging you an arm and a leg. Let’s face it, not everyone is rich and not everyone has hundreds to spend on a routine checkup or a simple lockout fix.

Palatine Lock & Safe only provides you with the best and the brightest in the area in our industry. We have people with experience working on just about any kind of problem you can imagine on. If you have a lock you believe to be a unique never seen problem before, there is a high chance that one of our locksmiths have encountered it before. Look no farther for a Palatine automotive locksmith and don’t spend most of your wallet at the dealership when we have professionals standing by night and day to do it for you for a fraction of the price.